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"Bentonite Bubbles" Car Wash Soap



Now you can take the Casey's experience with you wherever you go with our advanced car wash soap. Designed to deliver the same exceptional results as our professional car wash services, this soap combines cutting-edge cleaning technology with premium ingredients. Whether you're at home or on the road, you can enjoy a pristine, protected vehicle with the convenience and quality you've come to expect from Casey's.


✅ pH-Balancing Power: Casey's Car Wash Soap features 5% powdered bentonite (by volume), slightly raising the solution's pH. This pH-balancing effect boosts the soap's cleaning efficiency, making it highly effective at removing stubborn dirt and contaminants from your vehicle's surface.


✅ Advanced Protection: Our unique formula goes beyond just cleaning. The inclusion of non-dispersed bentonite particles forms a specialized water-repellent protective layer during the wash. This layer shields your vehicle's finish from water damage, environmental elements, and UV rays, keeping it looking pristine.


✅ Expertly Crafted: Casey's Car Wash Soap is meticulously engineered to deliver outstanding results. The combination of pH adjustment and the protective layer ensures a superior car wash experience.


✅ Easy Application: Enjoy hassle-free application with our soap, which glides smoothly onto your vehicle's surface, creating a rich, foamy lather that effortlessly lifts away dirt.


✅ Trusted Quality: Since 1986, Casey's has been a trusted name in car care. Our commitment to quality and innovation sets us apart.


Elevate your car wash routine with Casey's Superior Car Wash Soap. Experience the difference of pH-balanced cleaning and advanced protection for your vehicle's exterior.



1/2 gallon (64 oz)

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